The Catalina Whale Mixer

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The most exclusive gathering of Whales in the Western Hemisphere since 1997. This lifestyle is a choice…and we choose you. Catalina Whales are a special breed…they're aggressive, passionate, a touch degenerate, with a lust for success. This is why we met. To form this alliance. Everybody wants to go to the moon but nobody is exploring the ocean. WAGMI.
Floor Price◎ 29.8
Up Icon12.5%
Average Sale (24h)◎ 27.79
Up Icon4.59%
Currently Listed166
Up Icon-7.78%
Volume (24h)◎ 611.38
Up Icon27.83%
Total Volume◎ 240.54k
Up Icon0.39%
Market Cap$ 4.84M
Up Icon16.63%