The Bridged

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The Bridged are the second Faction collection within The Fracture. Humans who became so obsessed with technological development that they left their biology and humanity behind. Now they are at war with The Gods and The Forgotten (the 3rd Faction) in this post-apocalyptic world. The Bridged are the first gamified NFTs within The Fracture. Holders will be able to send them on Extractions (missions) to obtain loot. They cannot be staked.
Floor Price◎ 1.75
Up Icon-10.26%
Average Sale (24h)◎ 1.98
Up Icon-23.65%
Currently Listed866
Up Icon-0.12%
Volume (24h)◎ 25.69
Up Icon-60.3%
Total Volume◎ 65.85k
Up Icon0.03%
Market Cap$ 0.63M
Up Icon-6.96%