Boryoku Dragonz

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Bōryoku Dragonz Are An Exclusive Collection Of 1,111 Dragon NFTs On Solana, Backed By A Top Team Of NFT Collectors, Designers, Community Builders, And Artists. The Project Brings A Fresh Design To Solana, With Daily Token Airdrops, A Breeding Game With Token Burning Mechanics, And A Multi-Chain Community That Completely Transcends A Simple PFP Offering.
Floor Price◎ 60
Up Icon11.11%
Average Sale (24h)◎ 49.5
Up Icon-18.17%
Currently Listed27
Up Icon8%
Volume (24h)◎ 99
Up Icon-18.17%
Total Volume◎ 162.02k
Up Icon0.36%
Market Cap$ 1.99M
Up Icon14.09%